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My Shelby GT350

Petersen Museum Petersen Museum Peter after 50 years is still amazed at his creation. 197164283 Peter Brock the designer of the 63 StingRay. 197164284 Peter with all smiles. 197164288 Peter is more than happy to apply his signature to this vette. 197164285 Peter quote-unquote "This is the first 63 split window in 50 years that I've been asked to sign the glove compartment door." 197164286 Peter enjoying the album of restoration photos of his creation. 197164287 On exhibition. 197164291 The car enthusiasts enjoying the sports coupes. 197164282 197254674 197254675 197254676 197254677 197254678 197254679 197254680 197254681 197254682 197254683 197254684 197254685 204670329