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My Shelby GT350

   3rd. Annual Memorial Tony Sousa Car Show

Sept 22. 2007

Thanks to the City of Santa Monica, this years Car Show was held on the Santa Monica Pier (end of Route 66). As always the LA Shelby American Automobile CLub and the members, Really out did themselves, even the treat of rain (the Show must go on)! And yes there was a cloud burst, which sent everyone scurring for the shelter indoors at the carousel! The down pour lasted 15 minutes, the clouds and rain moved eastward, the sun appeared and blessd the sky with Blue, off in the distance a shadowry figure of the Catalina island appeaed. Hoards of people visiting the Pier were then treated to a display of prized Shelby Mustangs and Cobras. The wooden historic Pier was again dried by the warm sun rays, A lot has to be said for the LA SAAC Members and the Friends of Tony Sousa to weather the challenge's of Mother Nature to make this Show a Sucess!!

See Photo Album!